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Greece and the economic crisis

June 25, 2018


Turkey's Erdogan wins sweeping new powers after election victory - Reuters

Elections in Turkey between sanity and insanity - Capital GR


NATO: Invitation to FYROM only after "yes" on name referendum - Naftemporiki


Kotzias: FYROM name deal 'best news in Europe in 5 years' - eKathimerini

European Commission’s two scenarios on Greek debt - adverse debt scenario, according to which from 2030 and thereafter, the debt to GDP ratio will rise to 234.8 percent of GDP in 2060 - Tovima


Tsipras now wants to bring a State-Church split - iefimerida.gr

June 24, 2018


'Mortgaging the future of this country': Greece opposition leader urges vote to end dispute with Macedonia - Windsor Star

Greece's coffee industry grows despite financial crisis - xinhuanet


Turkey election: Erdogan leads in early results - BBC News

Polls closed in Turkey - Countdown on first results - Liberal GR

Election-landmark for Erdogan - EFSYN

Erdogan seeks to cement power in Turkey's high-stakes votes - ABC News


India is a steadfast friend to the people of Greece: Ram Nath Kovind - business-standard

Immigration EU

Ekathimerini: Greece to seek fair distribution of burdens in mini summit on migration - eKathimerini

PM Tsipras in Brussels for meeting on asylum and migration - Athens Greece Now

Lycabettus, Athens Greece

Lycabettus Athens Greece

June 23, 2018


Tsipras: Greece takes back sovereignty after debt deal - Athens News Agency

Greece’s prime minister wears tie to celebrate country’s debt deal - Washington Post

Tsipras tie in Zappeion: Greece returns to the Greeks - We won a fight, but not the war - Radio Thessaloniki


How Greece will exit its bailout program and what it means - ABC News

Greece deal brings cheer to market battered by Italian politics - Yahoo


60 million voters tomorrow - Naftemporiki

Turkey's Erdogan, main rival stage final election rallies - Reuters

A look at candidates running in Turkey's presidential race - ABC News

Erdogan's gamble on snap elections in Turkey could backfire - CNN


Sudden weather change - Weekend rains and hail - iefimerida.gr

Greek soldiers were injured during an exercise in Cyprus - tanea.gr

The border village of Evros filled Greek flags - evros-news.gr

EU leaders to hold mini-migration summit as crisis festers - eKathimerini

June 22, 2018


Eurozone Gives Greece Some Debt Relief as Bailout Nears End - Deal Falls Short of What IMF Says Is Necessary to End Doubts About Country’s Long-Term Solvency - Wall Street Journal

Debt deal exceeded market expectations, Tsipras says - eKathimerini

Greece 'turning a page' as eurozone agrees deal to end financial crisis - UK Guardian

Greece's Creditors Agree to Debt Deal as Payments Eased - MSN News

Greece debt deal paves way for historic bailout exit - Reuters Video Report

Greece's Deal Leaves Too Much to Chance - Bloomberg

"...Greece will get an additional 8 billion euros ($9.3 billion) of breathing space, bringing the country’s total buffer to 24 billion euros. Germany, too, has relented: It has acquiesced to a 10-year extension of Greece’s debt maturities. None of this proves Greece can access the bond market in the same way as other European countries. Before this crunch meeting, Greece had planned to sell 4 billion euros in three and 10-year bonds this year. But May’s political turmoil in Italy put paid to the idea. With yields this high, it’s tough to see how the country can still issue.

Eurogroup: These are the commitments we made after August 20th - iefimerida

"The only thing that has really come to an end is the lenders' willingness to lend to Greece. In other words, they imposed a stifling supervisory framework, similar to that of the times of the memorandums, without committing to funding....


Cyprus, Israel, Greece pledge deeper military ties - ABC News

Greece's Aegean in $5.8 Billion Deal for New Airbus Planes - NY Times

16 country Migration Summit - Naftemporiki

June 21, 2018


Eurogroup: Disputes over EFSF loan maturity extension - iefimerida.gr

Germany pockets 2.9 bn euros from Greece bailouts - MSN News

Greece likely to get green light to exit bailout program, but worries linger - Market Watch

Lemmer: Greece has kept its commitments, time to keep ours - Naftemporiki

As Greece Ends a Decade of Bailouts, Problems Linger for Europe - NY Times

EWG document reveals plans on Greek debt, post-program supervision, cash buffer - eKathimerini

Greece's economy at a turning point? - Euro News

Eurozone ministers seek end to Greece bailout odyssey - MSN News

After €300 billion in aid, Greece will exit its bailout on shaky ground - qz.com

Greece's Creditors Are Said to Plan Post-Bailout Commitments - Bloomberg

Germany - France: Eurogroup will end with a debt relief solution for Greece - Athens News Agency

Unchanged BoE interest rates boost expectations for growth in August - Liberal GR


Macedonian parliament ratifies name deal with Greece - Fox News

It’s Too Early to Call Greece and Macedonia’s Name Agreement a Done Deal - World Politics Review


Trilateral meeting with defence ministers of Greece, Cyprus & Israel on Friday - Protothema

June 20, 2018


As Greece Ends a Decade of Bailouts, Problems Linger for Europe - NY Times

Greece says expects decisions from Eurogroup on debt - Reuters

Greece to get up to 15 billion euros after third bailout - German official - Euronews

Can Oil Pull Greece Out Of Poverty? - Finance

Tsipras: We expect a decision that will signal the end of Greece's adventure - Athens News Agency

France and Germany call for easier bond restructuring - Naftemporiki

Strict oversight of compliance with the Agreements - Greece's commitments until 2022 - Liberal GR

The combined total of Greece’s bailouts is bigger than Hong Kong’s economy - QZ


Greek current account deficit widens in April, tourism revenues increase - freemalaysiatoday

Thomas Cook to Invest €150M in Greek Tourism in 2018 - Greek Reporter

‘Thematic Tourism Key to Boost Arrivals to Greece’ – Interview with Hellenic Chamber of Hotels President Alexandros Vassilikos - GTP


Parliament of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ratifies name deal - eKathimerini

Macedonia's parliament ratifies name agreement with Greece - Reuters

Macedonian parliament ratifies name deal with Greece - ABC News


New Hellenic Museum exhibit explores impact of world refugee crisis via Greece - Chicago Times

The Turks now suspect a possible deception by the two soldiers - iefimerida.gr

June 19, 2018

Greece stocks lower at close of trade; Athens General Composite down 0.62% - Investing

Greece to get up to 15 billion euros after third bailout: German official - Reuters

Macedonian parliament starts debate on name deal with Greece - Washington Post

Turkish Judges Again Refuse Release for Greek Soldiers

Why Three Rescues Didn't Solve Greece’s Debt Problem - Bloomberg

Bloomberg article asks and answers a list of questions: 1. Is the economy strong enough to exit the bailout smoothly? 2. Why did Greece need so many bailouts? 3. What has Greece done to address its budget problems? 4. What else does Greece need to do? - etc., there are several more points and a depressing "bad loan" chart that puts "Greece is in a league of it's own" with a 46.5% non-performing loan rate.

June 18, 2018


Eurozone braces for row with Greece over bailout exit terms - Concerns likely that country will suffer fourth collapse unless EU writes off some debt - UK Guardian

Moscovis: Definitely a debt deal at the Eurogroup - New Intervention by the Commissioner for Economic Affairs - Naftemporiki

We will testify for Andas. Georgiou if necessary "No one denies the credibility of ELSTAT..." - Naftemporiki

"... The Prime Minister stresses that no retreat to pension reform will be allowed, while referring to the Georgiou case, he says that no one denies ELSTAT 's credibility and notes that "if the court asks us to testify in favor of it, we will do so."


In interview with Kathimerini, Mogherini says EU will throw weight behind name deal - eKathimerini

Macedonia Signs Historic Deal With Greece on Name Dispute - NY Times

Macedonia agrees to change its name, ending long dispute with Greece - UK Guardian

Protests in Greece as Macedonia is renamed after 27-year row - UK Sky News

Big rally in Athens for Macedonia as government snobs the will of the Greek people - Protothema


Turkey: Presidential candidate makes TV speech from prison - He called Turkey’s current climate a “teaser” and warned that “the actual scary part of the movie has not yet begun” - Protothema


Thousands of tonnes of garbage on the streets of Athens - Liberal GR

In the swamp of division Political parties have become caught up in electoral tactics, from which they cannot escape even for the sake of a national issue - Tovima

Flood scare in Athens - Minos - iefimerida

In support of the agreement with Skopje, also new pension cuts, toll increases also voted - Evros GR

The Athens Stock Exchange and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce Host the 7th Greek Investment Forum, "Greece: Back on the Path to Growth"

June 16, 2018

Greece, Macedonia to sign name change accord June 17 - Reuters

Greece and Macedonia Press Ahead With Name Change - NY Times

EU Commission says Greece needs help easing debt load - ABC News

Motion to censure rejected - Protothema

Greece Wants a Bold Merkel Embrace of Macron's Euro Zone Plans - US News

June 15, 2018


EU Commission says Greece needs help easing debt load - ABC News

Greece Approves Last Big Austerity Package of Yearslong Bailout - Wall Street Journal

Greece passes fast-track reform package to unlock bailout cash - Reuters

Greece clears last batch of reforms needed to exit bailout - Washington Post

Reggling confirmed that there will be strict post-mortem surveillance - Liberal GR

The same old story, in a worse version - eKathimerini

"...Regardless of any agreement with our creditors for public debt reduction, supervision will continue ... the general situation has not improved. Public debt is greater than it was in 2010, whereas private individuals now owe more than 100 billion euros in delinquent debts to the tax office, another 100-or-so billion in overdue loans to banks, and more than 20 billion in overdue fees to social security funds. After eight years of bailout agreements, reforms and austerity, we still don’t know when and how our country will stand on its feet.


Kammenos, Kouvelis filing lawsuit against Golden Dawn and Barbaroussis - Athens News Agency

Venizelos calls for last minute changes in Fyrom ... in the text on the highly charged issues of ethnicity and language - Tovima

Barbarousi expelled from Golden Dawn - toxwni.gr

Golden Dawn Delirium: Call for a coup to arrest Pavlopoulos and Tsipras - iefimerida.gr

Papandreou: Dangerous divisions, criticism that the gov't negotiates on its own, does not attempt to cultivate the necessary spirit of national consensus - Tanea

Minister of Defense requests Golden Dawn be prosecuted on basis of Articles 134 and 135 of the Constitution - Thessaloniki Radio

Twenty SYRIZA MPs fail to vote omnibus bill due to technical issues - Protothema


HCDCP: 3,103 cases of measles - Naftemporiki

Fire in Nea Makri - toxwni.gr

June 14, 2018


Opposition head to call no-confidence vote in gov't - ABC News

"...Greece's Alexis Tsipras faces a vote of no-confidence in his government, while Macedonia's Zoran Zaev is contending with the refusal of the country's president to sign off on the deal if it is approved by parliament.

Macedonia and Greece: Backlash over name deal - BBC

Macedonia president says won't approve name deal with Greece - Reuters

Macedonia and Greece fail to resolve bitter naming dispute President Gjordje Ivanov says no to deal renaming country as Republic of North Macedonia - UK Guardian

Tsakalotos: Yes to the agreement with Macedonia otherwise forget development in Northern Greece - Liberal GR

Macedonia name change deal with Greece hits a big snag - CNN


ESM’s Regling sees Greek ‘success story’ - Tovima

ESM Head: Greece could be the next success story - Protothema

Dragie: Quitting QE in December - Naftemporiki


Fraport Greece offers airlines cheaper fees to attract new business - Reuters

Fraport Greece Sees Double-Digit Percentage Rise in 2018 Passenger Traffic - NY Times


India President Kovind to Visit Greece - India West

Visit of Greek royalty in 1953 remembered - New Orleans Advocate

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